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Who am I?

Morgan A. Vickery

(she/her) aspiring learning scientist and experience designer with dreams of designing enabling, critical, and multimodal learning environments that are inclusive of those the world has classified as 'disabled.'

a Graduate Researcher in Dr. Joshua Danish's RAPT Lab
Learning Sciences PhD Student at Indiana University
Founder & Chief Technical Officer of

a freelance UX Product Designer, Researcher, & Architect

What do I research?

Inclusive Design


Embodied Learning

Participatory Design

Bodily Autonomy

Critical Approaches


Trauma & Body Image

Assumptions that Guide My Work

Every experience and environment is designed with a particular user in mind; 'neutral' and 'universal' designs do not exist.

Learners do not use their bodies in a vacuum and are constantly shaping and being shaped by the social world around them.

No learning is worth the cost of dehumanizing, (re)traumatizing, or shaming learners.

What methods do I draw on?

Education Research

Participatory Design

(Multimodal) Interaction & Video Analysis

Qualitative Coding

Mediated Discourse Analysis

Design-Based Research

UX Research

Usability & Concept Testing

Co-/Participatory Design, Contextual Inquiry

Rapid Iterative Testing & Evaluation

Holistic, Human-Centered Design

Card sorting, Interviews, Focus Groups

With whom & where do I research?

Young learners (4th-7th grade) in formal & informal learning environments such as

Traditional K-12 classrooms

Summer camps

Reverse-Inclusion Settings

Self-Contained Special Education Classrooms

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